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Welcome to the page for time and person independent deliveries.

Depotplatz is a database in which the recipient and sender can specify and provide their delivery places and pickup locations for and to carriers and freight forwarders. You are tired of waiting always at your office or business until the order is delivered at your place?  No problem -- just use our service to tell your freight forwarder where it is exactly that the freight forwarder must deliver or pick-up the ordered goods.  This gives you independence while you can be reached at any time!

The whole thing is quite easy: If you are the recipient of products and receive periodically products and shipments from one or several freight forwarders then you can greatly simplify and create a system of the delivery scenario for you and the freight forwarder.
You simply register on "depotplatz" and deposit your receiving address, your communication data and finally, you record a so-called drop-off place or rather "depotplatz" or a pickup location.
This space can be anywhere on your or a neutral territory (e.g. a petrol station). It can be "open" which means it has not specific safety precautions and an unlocked access or it can be "lockable". If the "depotplatz" is lockable then you can deposit the key for each authorized carrier with us. This key is then secured and coded by us and forwarded to the carrier.
As soon as your "depotplatz" is activated, you will be notified by the carriers and freight forwarders authorized by you and you can then accept delivery directly at your "depotplatz". From this time on, you can accept deliveries at any time during day and night at a place without having to have employees on site. The driver delivers the ordered goods simple at the place you specified, accepts any available returns or shipments which you would like to ship to other recipients and that's it!
"Depotplatz" - the time and person independent delivery and pickup method for recipient, shipper and freight forwarders.

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